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    100% cotton dish towel by Bad Grandma Designs

    The holidays are a great time to watch old movies, snuggle up to your special someone, and of course bust a nut.

    Bowl of walnuts and shelled walnuts.


    Sometimes you use a special tool, sometimes just your hands… either way, you’re going to get that nut busted. And once it is, you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor, and swallow that sweet sweet nut.

    A black squirrel

    Ready for nut bustin'

    And you know what? You’re modern. You make your own damn money. If you want to bust a nut when you’re alone, we say go to town! Get through an entire sack of nuts!

    And when you’re done, this towel can be used to clean up any nut residue.

    Bust a Nut 100% cotton tea towel by Bad Grandma Designs featuring an illustration of a nutcracker.

    Mop it up already.

    About Bad Grandma Designs

    Bad Grandma Designs makes irreverent dishtowels and sometimes nuts are involved. By the way, if you need to know which nuts to bust, may we suggest DEEZ. Wholesale inquiries welcome.