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    Recipes N' Shit — Recipe Hell

    Gelatin: It Brings Us All Together

    The completed Rainbow Jello dish
    Check out this article about one woman's Jello creation. After reading the recipes listed in Bad Grandma’s Recipe Hell recipes: Jell-O: A really fucking fun food, Judith G. was inspired to show off her gelatin chops to Bad Grandma. She made something beautiful: a tasty dessert... but also a chance to bridge the understanding between human and animal. Be sure to read to the end, dear.

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    Chrissy's Jolly Jiggly Jell-o!

    Chrissy P.'s recreation of the Bavarian Pink Cream Jello recipe
    Gram, I did my best...I used Margaritaville brand Strawberry Daiquiri flavored gelatin and no strawberries. With the extra that wouldn't fit in the molds I added Stoli Strawberry Vodka and got 3 Jello-Shots!

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    Jell-O: A really fucking fun food

    Three 1970s era recipe cards, all featuring gelatin creations.
    Yes, folks, International Jell-O week starts soon. In 2022, the celebrations run from February 13 to February 19, 2022. So that you can go all out this year, Bad Grandma has dug out not one but three gelatin-based recipes from her 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Card Collection® so that you can add some wiggle and jiggle to your meals.

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    Recipe Hell: Pink Green Goddess Soup

    A bowl of pink green goddess soup on a plate with a roll
    Ha ha ha ha what is this? This photo is just a guess of what Pink Green Goddess soup looks like because the original cookbook has no picture with it. Bad Grandma has no freaking idea what this stuff looks like or what could have led the cookbook authors to think this was an appetizing name for a bowl of soup.

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