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    Recipes N' Shit

    Recipe Hell: Celery Victor

    Front of the recipe card for Celery Victor from the Betty Crocker Recipe Library, with image of the dish
    Celery Victor: Because vegetables are better when they're beige! This is an entry from Bad Grandma’s Recipe Hell collection of freaky recipes from yesteryear. Read on to learn how you can get a free Bad Grandma dishtowel if you try making this truly odd recipe.

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    Introducing Bad Grandma’s RECIPE HELL

    Assorted recipe cards from the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. The front card is the front of the Green Bean Bunwiches recipe with an image of the dish.
    Explore food from yesteryear and win dishtowels if you try making this shit. Lol. Bad Grandma found the 50-year-old Betty Crocker recipe box with  recipes from 1971, the golden age of pre-packaged American cuisine. Bad Grandma will send you a free dishtowel of your choice for each of these posted recipes you make. You will need to send photos and hopefully tell us what it was like to make and us how this stuff tastes. (Seriously, tho, pix or it didn’t happen.)

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